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Jet Stores Cellular Deals

Jet Stores Cellular Deals. Shop the wide selection of cellphones on offer.

Vodacom 20 Gig Data Special

20GB 30 day once off prepaid data bundle Buy data for all your devices when you need it!. This option is ideal if you don’t exceed your bundle often and want to take advantage of the lower in-bundle rates. You can buy as many once-off bundles as you wish. Remember that you get HSPA + […]

Vodacom Cellphone Contract Requirements

Get great deals on cellphone contracts. Compare Deals. All Networks. Price Match. Insurance coverage: Affordable, Reliable, Simple. Get the best Deals with Vodacom Cellphone Contracts. Want to apply for a Vodacom Cellphone Contract ? Check the requirements below. INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION• Copy of SA bar-coded identity document or valid passport or valid drivers licence• Copy of work […]

Telkom 10G R100 Prepaid Deal

10GB Anytime data. 10GB Night Surfer data for  R99 from Telkom. LTE is a lightning-fast fixed internet connection that packs a punch, with enough power to run your home or your office with ease – as long as you have a place nearby to plug it in. But like all connections, there’s always one place you use it the most. That’s why our […]

Telkom LTE/LTE-A Once-Off pre-paid bundles

Telkom SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid plan lets you buy extra LTE/LTE-A Once-Off bundles to use. The LTE/LTE-A Once-Off pre-paid bundles on offer are:LTE/LTE-A Once Off Bundles SizesData Allocation Price