Telkom Emergency Top Up

What is Telkom Emergency Top Up?

  • Emergency Top Up allows Telkom Prepaid and Top Up customers to get immediate access to airtime when they have not airtime, but are unable to recharge.
    Who is the service available to?
  • Emergency Airtime is only available to Prepaid and Top Up customers
  • Must have been active on the network for six (6) consecutive months or more
  • Minimum recharge of R10 per month for three (6) consecutive months or more
  • Must have registered for RICA
    How do I access Emergency Top Up?
  • Emergency Top will be available via USSD *180# and the Telkom Portal.
    How do I activate Emergency Top Up?
  • Dial *180#, select Emergency Top Up and then Opt-In for Emergency Top Up. You can
    then select the R10 set amount.
    How much does this service cost?
  • There will be a service fee of R1 charged per transaction made.
    What airtime value/s are available for Emergency Top Up?
  • The Emergency Top Up airtime value will be R10.
    How will Telkom deduct the payment for Emergency Top Up?
  • When you recharge, Telkom will immediately deduct the outstanding amount plus the
    service fee of R1.
    Example: Amount taken is R10, amount payable equals R10 plus R1 = R11 Total value.
    What happens if I recharge with a lower denomination than the outstanding amount?
  • When you recharge with a lower amount, that amount will be deducted towards
    paying for the outstanding Emergency Top Up balance.
    Example: Your outstanding balance is R10 plus R1 service fee. You recharge with R5,
    the R5 will be taken towards the payment of the outstanding Emergency Top UP
    amount. Outstanding Balance will be R6
    Next time you recharge with R10, a deduction of R6 will be made to pay the
    outstanding amount. Your airtime balance will be R4.
    Is there a limit to the number of times I can request for Emergency Top Up?
  • There is no limit to the number of times you can request for Emergency
    What service can I use with Telkom Emergency Top Up?
  • Emergency Airtime can be used for any transaction on the Telkom Network. i.e. Voice,
    SMS or Data.
    Can I do Airtime Transfer with my Emergency Top Up?
  • Yes, a customer will be allowed to transfer airtime to another Prepaid customer as per
    the current Airtime Transfer business rules.
    Does Emergency Top Up qualify me for bonus airtime and or data?
  • With Emergency Top Up, you will not receive any bonus airtime or data.
    Who do I contact if I am unable to access the service via USSD *180#?
  • You may call the call centre on 180 from your mobile on 081 180 from another phon